Street Art Tour

Street-art Valencia

Who are the artists? What inspires them? Are there any important female artists among the male ‘masterminds’? Where to find the ‘Insiders serie’ of DEIH and why is Escif also referred to as the Spanish Banksy?

What is the difference between street-art and graffiti and what materials are being used? What motivates the artist that has covered Valencia in ‘ARE YOU DEAD’ quotes?

Street-art Valencia
Street-art Valencia

I see a weekly change of ‘murals’ immersing on the streets as street-art is a constant changing world. Areas like Ruzafa, Patraix and Cabanyal are also important to illustrators, graffiti writers and artists from all over the world.

Streetart Valencia
Streetart Valencia

After my street-art tour you will observe Valencia through different eyes. All of a sudden you see ‘David de Limon’ popping up everywhere and you will easily spot the difference between a ‘Julia LOOL’ and a ‘LOLO’.

Street-art Valencia
Street-art Valencia

My tours take place in El Carmen, the historical neighborhood of Valencia. I’ll introduce you to the recognizable styles of many different artists. Some of them had solo expositions all around the globe. Learn all there is to know about the XLF crew and find hidden masterpieces when following a true fan.

My pictures give an exact impression of the tour. If this peeks your interest, book your street-art tour. You will open your eyes to a new and colorful world.

Street art Tour

Duration: Min 2 hours Max 3 hours
Difficulty: Low
Neighborhood: Colorful El Carmen
Price 2 hours: 20 euro p.p.
Price 3 hours: 25 euro p.p.
One short break included

My Street-art Tours

  • Are available in English and Dutch
  • Include a good map of the city
  • Include all insider tips for the nicest bars during our tour
Esther Vlieger

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  • Streetarttours are becoming more and more popular!
  • VINZ-Valencia-Spain-1
  • Deih graffiti, Valencia
  • Follow me on a street-art tour and discover superb murals.
  • Laguna in Barrio del Carmen
  • Julietta with her eyes open wide this time...
  • Vinz Feel Free 11    Calle Ruzafa, Ruzafa, Valencia
  • Finished work by Adrian. Spectacular! The best liquor store around the corner of my lovely home.
  • Valencia
  • Vinz Feel Free 10    Calle Sevilla, Ruzafa, Valencia
  • VINZ-Valencia-Spain-1
  • Artist: Julieta xlf
  • Fore-F is a street artist and illustrator from Valencia, Spain,
  • Julieta xlf with her work in Valencia. (LP)
  • Horse and Snails Street Art - Valencia
  • Street art, Valencia, España
  • DEIH street art - Valencia.