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Offering bike tours as your local tour guide is only possible because of the excellent bicycles Passion Bike provides me with. Over the past five years I’ve seen this bike rental updating their business, growing steadily with returning customers.

Besides the hospitable and handsome Italian owner Pier, I can also count on the rest of his passionate staff. By now I feel part of the ‘Put-the-fun-between-your-legs-family’ and I feel grateful for offering my clients a reasonable discount.

Passion Bike - Bike tour
Passion Bike – Bike tour

Passion Bike is not just a bike rental shop. You can leave your signature on the ceiling if you wish and you’ll feel welcomed by pictures of happy customers on the wall. Rent your bike for a reasonable price and expect quality light weight city bikes, being renewed when high season is over.

Funtours Valencia - Esther
Happy to work with Passion Bike

As an independent tour guide I can always rely on their instant service, to keep guiding my clients around by bike. After all we both strive for happy customers.

Lucky enough I hardly ever need to call a mechanic as they keep their bicycles maintained.

It’s been a busy tourist season for Valencia with more bicycles on the streets than ever. To make the most out of your bike tour or rental, keep my local tips in mind.

Passion Bike
Passion Bike


  • Use the road, taxi lanes or bicycle lanes
  • Stay to the right and always single filed
  • Stay away from the side walk
  • Sign left or right like the Dutch do
  • Always lock your bicycle to a pole!
  • All bicycle lanes are for two ways!
  • Watch out for slippery streets
  • Ring your bell if you need to

Planning your citytrip to Valencia? Book your bike tour in advance. You don’t want to miss out on my guided tours. THANK YOU PASSION BIKE for five excellent years of working alongside! Viva Valencia! Viva la bicicleta!

Passion Bike
Passion Bike