La Crema

If you’re a pyromaniac you’ll love our Fallas festival in March. By far the loudest and craziest festival in Spain! If you’re lucky to have found affordable accommodation and cheap tickets, you will be part of amazing firework displays. Admire impressive street-art statues called Las Fallas and watch them all get burned on the last day, marking the arrival of spring.

I’m a so called Fallas veteran sharing with you the insider’s tips for the ultimate experience. November 2016 the Fallas festival was included on the Unesco world heritage list. If you have never been to this festival, now is the time! Watch the video for real background information and click here for the Fallas Program 2018.

Most important moments:

  • La Crida – Opening ceremony on the last Sunday of February
  • The most important week full of festivities is 15th – 19th March
  • Spectacular streetlight displays in the Ruzafa area
  • Castillo’s – Firework events are between 15th – 19th March
  • Mascleta’s – Loud fireworks at 14.00 from 1st – 19th March
  • La Ofrenda – The flower offering is on the 17th and 18th of March
  • La Crema (The Burning of the Fallas) is on the 19th of March
Fallera mother and daughter

Basic tips:

  • Watch out for your belongings!
  • Take lots and lots of pictures
  • Get ready for incredible crowds
  • Keep your phone charger with you
  • Buy the typical Fallas scarf
  • Party like a local and mingle
  • Always enjoy the friendly vibe

Where to find the Fallas statues?

  • There are hundreds of Fallas statues all over the city
  • Check for the ‘sección especial’ on this map
  • Mark the other sections as well to find the other Fallas
  • Focus on the city center if this is your first time ever
La Crida
La Crida

La Crida at Torres de Serranos:

  • Watch the musical light show from the bridge Puente de Serranos
  • Opening ceremony always on the last Sunday of February
  • Starts at 20.00 at the city gate Torres de Serranos
  • Be there 2 hours in advance for the best views
Streetlight Display Ruzafa
Streetlight Display Ruzafa

Streetlight Display in the Ruzafa area:

  • Check this website for exact times under “Calles Iluminadas Fallas 2018”
  • Starts at the corner of Calle Sueca and Calle Literato Azorín
  • Then on the corner of Calle Cuba and Calle Literato Azorín
  • Exact times only appear a few weeks before the event
  • Or check the tourist office at Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • Be there 2 hours in advance to see the best show
  • For a glimpse of this show watch my video
Los Castillo's
Los Castillo’s
Castillo’s in the Turia gardens:

  • In between Puente de la Exposición and Puente de las Flores
  • Firework displays from 15th – 18th March
  • They start at midnight, 01.00 or 01.30
  • Nit del Foc at Paseo de la Alameda is the best!
  • Nit del Foc is on the 18th of March at 01.30
  • Get as close to it as possible
  • Be there 1.5 hour before
La Mascleta
La Mascleta
Daily Mascleta at Plaza del Ayuntamiento:

  • A good spot to watch this would be at the barriers in front of Taco Bell
  • Free front row from 12.00 noon at any yellow barrier and stay put
  • Don’t pay for expensive tickets to see this from fancy balconies
  • Enjoy the vibe until 14.00 with your drinks and sandwich
  • Don’t put your fingers in your ears (The ground will shake though!)
  • Open your mouth to release the pressure from your body
  • Make your reservation for lunch time at 14.30 or 15.00
  • Affordable lunches in great restaurants can be;
  • La Pitusa and Restaurant IO.
Watch en listen – The end of a Mascleta is spectacular
La Ofrenda
La Ofrenda

La Ofrenda at Plaza de la Virgen

  • Central religious event with bands playing on the 17th and 18th of March
  • Admire all the beautiful costumes of the men, women and children
  • Valencia’s patron saint can be admired even after the festival
  • An emotional offering of flowers to the Lady of the Forsaken
  • It’s an ongoing parade of Falleras and Falleros
  • She will NOT be burned on the 19th of March
La Crema
La Crema
La Crema – The Burning of the Fallas

  • The burning of the Fallas at Plaza del Ayuntamiento is the most spectacular one
  • Arrive 2 hours before the actual burning and enjoy the last Castillo on this square
  • Don’t stand too close to the fires even if they seem small
  • Always check for the direction of the wind
  • See the burning of smaller statues as well
  • Enjoy your last night of partying

Fallas is the busiest time of year but it’s definitely enjoyable. Book a year in advance if you want to see it again. FuntoursValencia will be offering a special Fallas tour. To introduce newbies to the best week of the year!

Esther Vlieger