Turia gardens
Bike Tour Funtours Valencia
Bike Tour Funtours Valencia
Renting a bicycle is the best way to see Valencia. Discover Valencia the easy, fun and cheapest way. After years of experience as a local guide, here are some of my valuable tips.

  • Use the road, taxi lanes or bicycle lanes
  • All bicycle lanes are for two directions
  • Don’t pay more than 10 euros a day
  • Sign left or right like the Dutch do
  • Always lock your bicycle properly
  • Watch out for slippery streets
  • Stay away from the side-walk

Keep in mind that most streets in Valencia are one-way traffic with narrow streets in the center. Don’t expect car drivers, pedestrians or any other traffic to watch out for you. They still need to get used to cyclists being on the road.

Turia gardens
Turia gardens
Bicycle lanes exist mostly outside the city center. Always ring your bell when people suddenly cross and ignore cyclists that go against all traffic rules. They’ve become infamous for doing so.

Renting a bike in a big city means you need to lock your bicycles together and fix them to a pole. Signing a rental contract means you are responsible. There’s a reasonable amount of money you need to pay for not returning your rental bike.

Bike Tour Funtours Valencia
Bike Tour Funtours Valencia

To make the most out of your bike rental, booking a bike tour with me will be much more fun. Here are some of the advantages.

  • I’ll tell you about extraordinary facts of Valencia
  • I’ll share many valuable free tips for an excellent city-trip
  • I’ll save you the hassle of finding your way through a new city

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