My absolute number 1 at the boulevard of Playa las Arenas is Hotel Restaurant Gabbeach. At Gabbeach I can recommend both lunch and dinner while sitting down in its trendy atmosphere. Year after year they reinvent their brand, doing a great job in terms of service and quality.

Dishes are more expensive at the boulevard in any restaurant, so you expect tasty food for its price. In 2015 they opened their VIP rooftop terrace for groups with amazing views of the Mediterranean. You’ll have more fun in the weekends while seeing beautiful sunsets, coloring the sky.

Boulevard Playa las Arenas
Boulevard Playa las Arenas
Enjoy their happy hour after lunchtime in summer and their fancy themed parties in the weekends. For a full night out with exquisite dinners and up tempo music afterwards, this is the place to be.

GabBeach at Playa Las Arenas
Gabbeach at Playa Las Arenas
This is the only place in town with up-to-date music! Their annual celebration in June is one of its most famous parties. Check their agenda on Facebook for more. Wednesday´s and Thursday´s in summer make up for great fun as well. See you at Gabbeach. See you in paradise!