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  • Passion Bike – Happy Bike Rental

    Passion Bike – Happy Bike Rental

    Offering bike tours as your local tour guide is only possible because of the excellent bicycles Passion Bike provides me with. Over the past five years I’ve seen this bike rental updating their business, growing steadily with returning customers. Besides the hospitable and handsome Italian …

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  • Street Art Tours – What To Expect

    Street Art Tours – What To Expect

    She stares fiercely into your eyes and he looks arrogantly into your camera while holding a vacuum-cleaner and wearing stockings. Who’s the artist? What inspires him? Are there any important female creations to be observed in between the ‘masterpieces’? Where to find the ‘Insiders serie’ …

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  • Bicycle Tips For Valencia

    Bicycle Tips For Valencia

    Renting a bicycle is the best way to see Valencia. Discover Valencia the easy, fun and cheapest way. After years of experience as a local guide, here are some of my valuable tips. Keep in mind that most streets in Valencia are one-way traffic with …

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  • Welcome to my brandnew website

    Welcome to my brandnew website

    Funtours Valencia is ready for this summer with a brand new website. I used the opportunity to launch a new modern corporate identity with a different strategy and a different approach. Are you planning a city trip to Valencia? Be welcome and let me show …

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  • Best beaches in Valencia

    Best beaches in Valencia

    All beaches in Spain allow women to be topless. For those who aren’t keen on this, the general advise is to look for swimming-pools around the city. Most swimming-pools are indoors. As I’ve been living here for six years while trying out several beaches, I …

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  • Street Art Tours in Valencia

    Street Art Tours in Valencia

    Valencia turned into a street-art city. Walk around with me and be amazed by extraordinary masterpieces in my favorite area of the city, El Carmen. I wake up to new, colorful and interesting murals in my own street or see them popping up on massive …

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  • Running in the Gardens of the Turia

    Running in the Gardens of the Turia

    Stretching the length of Río Turia’s former course, this 10km-long lung of green is a fabulous mix of playing fields, cycling, jogging and walking paths. As it curves around the eastern part of the city, it’s also a pleasant way of getting around. For those …

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